Your reputation is worth a lot and you are running a business. Unpleasant customers or a few mistakes can seriously hurt your reputation online and in the local community. Use these helpful reputation management tips and tricks in this article to help you avoid the issues that may threaten your reputation.

Honesty and transparency are key to earn the trust of your customers. Never try to cover up or remove posts that are negative on your website. When you do this, they can make customers feel that you are ignoring their concerns with your company or that you simply do not care about your customers. When you choose to be upfront about problems within your company, customers will tend to trust you more.

Claiming your name is essential to building your company’s reputation. Your company’s name or the name of your product is all part of your brand recognition. You will want to check online to ensure that your companies or products name is not already being used by someone else. If it is, a bad review against that company or products will reflect on you when potential customers search you out online.

On your social media sites and on your website, be sure to post your moderation guidelines. This way, your site visitors will know what they should and should not post on your site. Do not make the guidelines so harsh that they cannot leave criticism, though. You want to know how your customers feel about your business and your products, but you want them to know that they must leave comments that are respectful and honest. If someone does post a comment that falls outside of your guidelines, remove their post and then give the reason for the post being removed.


Your reputation is very important to the future success of your business. If you can repair any issues as soon as they happen, it will help to keep your reputation, online and in the community, in good standing. Use the tricks and tips here to help you keep a good reputation.